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The Foundation for Freedom is a non-profit 501(c)3  organization based in San Francisco (effective - 11/13/06 , EIN is 11-3796207)

Our Mission and Vision

To increase literacy in impoverished communities around the world by improving educational facilities, resources, and community involvement for primary aged children.

We fulfill our mission by building new or improving existing school buildings so children can attend school year around, provide needed teaching resources such as desks, chairs, books, uniforms, and teacher salaries, and make a long-term investment in our projects by tracking the progress of the students supported by our projects.  We provide a flexible approach to our projects so that the specific needs of the communities we serve are met. 

Our Goal:  Educate.  Empower.  Emancipate.


Emancipation through Education

At age 7, Gouri's last priority was to get an education. Her family was struggling to live on her father's meager income as a menial worker and she was destined to forego schooling to find a job that could supplement the family's income.

The dedicated teachers at our Shiksha Mandir Primary School, however, encouraged Gouri to pursue an education. Gouri was enrolled in primary school and under the supervision and tutelage of our teachers, she blossomed into a conscientious student.

She graduated from the 12th grade and went on to enroll into nursing school while working as a teacher at our school to help sustain her family. With the education provided to her with the help of Foundation for Freedom, Gouri is on the verge of achieving her dream to become a qualified nurse. 


The need for Literacy and Primary Education

Unfortunately, success stories like Gouri’s aren’t as commonplace as we’d like them to be. Despite progress towards universal primary education in many regions, access is still limited.

Literacy rates are astonishingly low in developing countries, particularly in rural areas, where the priority for basic education takes a backseat to working to supplement the family’s sparse income. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) estimates that approximately 57 million young men and 96 million young women are illiterate, most of them in developing countries.

How Foundation for Freedom fits in…

In 2000, the United Nations set out a bold vision of achieving universal primary education by 2015. While progress has been good, it is clear that more grass roots organizations are needed to make this vision a reality.

We at Foundation for Freedom align with the UN’s vision and seek to improve not just primary school enrolment rates, but something far more meaningful: Literacy.

We’re part of the effort to help the estimated 150 million children worldwide that are currently unable to finish their primary education. Our organization is unique in its approach to improving literacy worldwide. Rather than applying one development tool to each of our diverse schools, we use a variety of methods to meet the needs of each school and community.

Our projects vary widely and include funding: school infrastructure and building costs, running water, teachers’ salaries, desks and chairs, educational supplies, medical support, and hot lunches. Above all, we make a long-term commitment to our schools so we can ensure an increase in school attendance and literacy rates in the community.

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