Swarachna School

Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, India

The Swarachna school is located in Sitapur which is a small village of farmers.

The Sitapur government reports a 38% literacy rate while independent surveys show that less than 1% of the population have any secondary education.

The survey identified that for school-age children, the nearest middle school could be up to 10 miles away, the nearest high school, twice that. There are no school buses, and the luxury of a bicycle is more than most families can afford. Because of that distance, half of all the boys in Swarachna, and nearly 60 percent of girls, drop out before they reach middle school.

In 2010 the FFF teamed up with Milaan, a local NGO, to build a proper school and additional classrooms for this village. With the new classrooms the school will expand from 100 to 300 students this academic year teaching students from Nursery school to grade 7.

The school is run with a very unique model following the standard government curriculum but taught by volunteers from nearby big cities and universities bringing in very enthusiastic teachers into this community giving the students exposure to the opportunities that could be available to them if they complete their education.

The team at Milaan is made of a dedicated youngsters with a passion for making a difference who have won award by NGO like Ashoka for their innovation in public service. Milaan hopes to expand the number of students to 1000 students and introduce vocational programs in future years for this community.

We are happy to have Milaan and the Swarachna part of the FFF family.

US co-ordinator: Shalin Sheth

Local co-ordinator: Dhirendra Pratap Singh (right)

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